Adam 'The Hurricane' Hasan

Adam from Sydney Spark Services is fighting for Australians diagnosed with rare or less common cancer.

I'm fundraising for

In August 2024, I will be fighting for the 52,000 Australians diagnosed with a rare cancer each year and to help RCA.

This will be my first ever boxing match, so whether you want to see me win, or get humiliated, it's worth the watch! 

Not only will it be a great personal achievement, this event is also an opportunity to donate to an amazing cause, Rare Cancers Australia. 

My father passed away with cancer, and this is my tribute to him, someone who I admired immensely.

Every dollar raised from this fundraising page will help provide specially made support packs to all RCA patients. These support packs help to bring joy to people going through one of the hardest chapters of their lives.

RCA is a Federal Government-classified Health Promotion Charity. All donations over AU $2 are fully tax deductible.

Thank you so much for your support.

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