Give a gift that means something this Christmas.

A Rare Cancers Australia e-card is the perfect way to make a difference this festive season.

Your generosity can transform lives

Avoid the crowds, choose a value that perfectly suits your budget, and create a positive ripple effect with your Christmas gifts this year. A Rare Cancers Australia e-card allows you to donate on behalf of a friend or family member and send them an online Christmas message. Best of all, your gift helps us continue supporting Australian families facing a rare cancer diagnosis.

Let’s face it, he’ll keep wearing that old pair of “lucky undies” anyway! This e-card will give him the warm and fuzzies on the inside instead.

Pretty sure you bought this person a candle last year too… Get the fire brigade on standby, or choose this e-card to light up the festive season.

Chocolates are sweet, but you know what’s even sweeter? Knowing you’ve helped support a family through some of their hardest times.

This thoughtful e-card lets you remember and celebrate someone close to your heart this Christmas, while making a difference to Australian families.

How it works

This year, we’re taking the hard work out of Christmas shopping. Instead of heading to crowded malls and buying token gifts, spread joy through a Rare Cancers Australia e-card.

Current statistics show more than a quarter of cancers diagnosed are considered rare or less common, but they account for 37% of cancer deaths. Often, people diagnosed with rare cancers also have limited information, fewer treatment options and high out-of-pocket costs. It can feel incredibly isolating and confusing.

This Christmas, your tax-deductible gift will help Rare Cancers Australia continue to offer personalised support to Australian individuals and families. Demand for our support continues to grow, and with your help, no Australian will have to face cancer alone.

1. Choose your e-card

Find the gift that best suits your recipient

2. Select an amount

Decide what value fits your budget

3. Choose delivery

You can email or print your card

4. Make a difference

You're supporting Australians with rare cancer

Your support in action

Your gift will make a practical and greatly appreciated difference to Australians and their families facing a rare cancer diagnosis.

"It would have been incredibly challenging without RCA's assistance guiding us throughout the journey. We felt valued and genuinely cared for."


"When I was confused or anxious, I felt genuine empathy from RCA. They said they'd be with me every step of the way, and they were."


About Rare Cancers Australia

We are dedicated to rare cancer awareness and support, and understand the unique and complex challenges people may be facing when they’re diagnosed with a rare cancer. We have been supporting families affected by rare, less common and complex cancers since 2012.

Our team of Specialist Cancer Navigators have expertise in complicated cancer journeys and are here to help Australians impacted by rare cancer with information, support and guidance.

Give a gift that means something this Christmas.

A Rare Cancers Australia e-card is the perfect way to make a difference this festive season.