Rare, but not forgotten

A rare cancer diagnosis has unique and complex challenges. And many patients have to face them alone.

Make a tax deductible donation today to help patients receive personalised support, information, and guidance from a Rare Cancer Support Expert.
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Show people living with rare cancer that they are not alone

Helps fund provision of information to patients and families.
Help fund personalised, one on one support from our Rare Cancer Support Experts.
Helps keep RCA Support Groups running, to connect people with others who understand.
Help fund essential scans, transport and pharmacy costs that patients may not be able to afford on their own.

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Why people with rare cancer need our support

Rare cancers are typically diagnosed late, limiting treatment options.
Patients need to navigate our complex health system quickly for the best chance of extending their lives.

High costs

  • Fewer subsidised medicines
  • Huge out of pocket costs
  • Fundraise to afford treatment

Less treatment options

  • Typically diagnosed late
  • Delayed access to medications
  • Limited treatments in Australia

Limited information

  • Little investment
  • Less research
  • Limited expert knowledge

Zane's story

“No treatment was available in Australia when Zane was diagnosed. Rare Cancers Australia helped me immensely with researching treatment options and clinical trials overseas; they saved me precious time when we were racing against the clock.

They had that conversation with us that Zane’s doctors would not. A conversation about options and alternatives. They provided us a lifeline.”

- Erminia, mum to Zane, diagnosed with brain cancer at age 8 

Rachel's story


"We all just completely underestimated what it meant for Danielle's cancer to be rare. I’ve spent my career in this field, but I sat in the doctor’s office with her and thought – how can everyday people possibly understand what's being said to them?"

RCA stepped in and knew exactly how the process worked, what the options were. Talking to people who'd been there, who understood...it was just invaluable.

- Rachel, clinical researcher and sister of Danielle, diagnosed with medullary thyroid cancer 

With your help, we can be there when patients need it most

We provide each patient and their family with access to their own Rare Cancer Support Expert for personalised support, information and guidance.

Rare Cancer Support Experts provide:


Emotional and peer support, to help people manage the uncertainty and connect with others.


Financial and fundraising support, directing people to services and options to help manage costs. 


Practical and social support, to help people maintain the best possible quality of life.


Clinical support, to help people navigate our complex health system.

Demand for rare cancer support is intensifying

As rare cancer diagnoses continue to increase, so does the demand for our support. 

We urgently need to expand our team to provide more Australians with personalised clinical, emotional, financial and practical support.

One in three cancers diagnosed in Australia are rare or less common

We are the only service in Australia that specialises in rare cancer support

Demand for our support is set to increase by fifty percent this year

A big thank you to our supporters

Thank you for helping us to support more Australian families.



Annique Morley

All the best with everything sweetie. I hope that this helps in some small way. I am so sorry for what you have gone through.






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